NGD tonight, my October 2012 spec'ed DC 245 Sig!

Here is a pic from Eric at Willcutt and Alan/yankeebulldog, at the factory a few weeks ago:

...I will post some more pics tomorrow.

Initial thoughts:

-WOW!!! Tone is great. Has incredible sustain. Like off the hook. So far, great for the more Modern tones. Similar to but more so than my Sig Ltd's in that regard. Very complementary to the more "Vintage" tones from the Jade Glow DC 245 Ted.
-6 pounds 2 ounces, gotta love that Obeche! My back will thank me, this will likely be my 2013 rehearsing and gigging guitar. Have a gig later this month in FL, this will likely be the guitar I take.
-Feels great to have a 408/Sig guitar in my favorite scale, the 245 scale.
-Woods came out great, the one-piece quilt is to die for, the board has great grain.
-The Aquamarine finish is loud and bright visually, will have quite the stage presence!

More tomorrow...