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Thread: What's your favorite PRS pickup(s)?

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    So far, I really like the stock SE pickups of my SE 245.

    Bit lackluster on crunch settings though. Tend to sound tinny and fizzy there.
    Any PRS USA replacements which do similar things only...better? Would love to retain the growly character under high gain.

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    I like 57/08 the best.
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    Narrow 408's, Deep Dish II, 53/10's, \m/, arch tops, Starlas...

    Each one has has its own thing going on. There is no shortage of amazing PRS pickups these days.
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    Current love is the 408
    Looking forward to a guitar with 57/08s
    305s are very nice.
    ( pretty happy with all mine 245s , #6s, P90s )
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    408's for me!

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    Any ideas which PRS USA pickups equal the SE 245 pickups best?


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    Dragon ll's
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    Cool 1989 Dragon Pickups

    I have an '88 Standard and purchased original Dragon Pickups when the Dragon series was first introduced. Does anyone have an idea what model they are? They came in a Blue Box. I appreciate your help. Best...

    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    Just curious of opinions for anyone else who uses PRS pickups, be it on a PRS or swapped into another guitar.

    Personally, I've liked using the HFS as my main bridge pickup recording and onstage for years, but I've recently taken a liking to the SC250 as well and that's become my new favorite live.
    For the neck- I think the Dragon has recently become my favorite, with the #7 and the Vintage Bass not too far behind.

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    In order of appearance in my collection:

    Dragon 1's
    Paul's Guitar 408's

    Not much ground I can't cover with those three sets. The Dragons are my absolute favorite high gain chugga chugga pups of all time.

    When I put the 53/10's in my McRosie that guitar just came alive. They have a particular sweetness and vocal quality I feel allow that guitar to be more than just the sum of its parts. If you want a set of pups that are transparent and don't mask the qualities of the tone woods and various other parts just try a set, you will not be disappointed.

    The 408's are easily the most articulate pickups I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Definitely my favorite current PRS offering and maybe the best sounding pups of all time. IMHO, YMMV and all that...

    Honorable mention goes to the new SE 245 pickups in the Zach Myers Sig model. I haven't spent as much time with those as the others but so far I am super impressed. The SE line was already the best value for how much guitar you got for the money versus the direct competition in that price range but with all the newer innovations and modifications in that line they are quickly overtaking some of the higher end offerings from the other major manufacturers...

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    > Dragon 1's
    > #7's
    Not like the other kids...

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