Hello everyone, I'm new to forum but been lurking for awhile. I am now getting back into learning guitar. I've started doing alot of research about guitars trying to figure what I like and would want when I saved enough $. I always was a G&R fan so my initial likening was a les paul. researching all makers and styles of guitars I ended up on liking PRS as a whole(the guitars and the company). I think it was the look of a PRS guitar that attracted me at 1st and then PRSh's story is fascinating too. So, long story short I am a big PRS fan with out even being able to play guitar. I'm not sure exactly how this happened but, I basically became a PRS fan over the internet. So I have been trying to find where I could see, hold, or play one. Here in Nor Cal, it is very hard to get hands on a PRS guitar to even hold or play one. The guitar stores here in Nor Cal just don't carry PRS. We recently had a GC open up nearby and they have "ZERO" PRS guitars in stock. Even the GC's in Sacramento don't have a lot. I was lucky to find one with a SE 245. that is the only PRS I've accually got to see and hold. If guitar stores don't have PRS's in stock for people to see, hold, and play then how are they supposed to know if they like one or not? I haven't even seen anyone in a local band with one either. I was in a local guitar shop trying to find any PRS guitar and the salesman said that they don't carry PRS because PRS was a pain to deal with and players didn't like the heal of the neck on PRS. Of course that was one guys opinion. but why are PRS not all over the music stores like other brands?
Thanks for listening.