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Thread: PRS SE 245 Tuning Machines - Quick Question

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    PRS SE 245 Tuning Machines - Quick Question

    Just a quick question. I am planning my next series of guitar enhancements. Along with a Seymour Duncan sh-6 for the bridge position in my Schecter C1+, I want to put an upgraded nut on my SE 245, along with a coil split in the neck position and locking tuners. I was planning on getting the Planet Waves auto-trim machine heads and was just wondering if they will be a direct replacement for the stock tuners in the SE 245 or if they will need some extra work to get them to fit.

    Also, does anyone happen to have a picture of an SE 245 with black tuning pegs? I'm just curious to see how it will look.


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    Just googled 'PRS SE Black Tuners' and couldn't find any pics of SE's with black tuners, although there is a pic of my guitar for some reason?!

    maybe someone on here will have a pic. Personally, I think it would look pretty cool!

    The PW AT tuners aren't a direct fit AFAIK. I know a few guys here have installed them and like them but if I remember correctly additional work needed to be carried out for them to fit. Hopefully one of them will chime in with additional info.

    Personally i'd see how you like the tuning once you've upgraded the nut.

    Look forward to pics once it's done!
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