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Thread: Indian VS Brazilian RW for necks. (tonally speaking)

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    Indian VS Brazilian RW for necks. (tonally speaking)

    The debate will go on forever. Here is more fuel for the fire. I do this song with my bass player, so I was practicing over it this morning and recorded this. The video will tell you whats what, but its very, very hard to tell any differences IMO, and I own both so no bias here. At 2:09 seconds (for those who cant sit through it ) I switch from the indian RW to the Brazilian RW guitar. Nothing was touched anywhere. I hit pause on the recorder, switched guitars, and hit play again and continued. Both are Artist 3 PSs straight into a Bruno cowtipper 35 amp. The Indian neck is semi hollow with an F hole, and the Brazzy is chambered (slightly thinner body) and no f hole. As I cant say enough, PRS caught lightning in a bottle when he paired the Cu 22 with the thicker semi hollow body with the trem. these things both sound like big body jazz guitars to me, and I should know as I owned a LOT of them. See if you can honestly tell much, if any difference. Both sound fantastic to me. Oh, one other thing. The Brazzy is a Dragon 2 pup set fairly low, the Indian a 57/08 set higher. Thats how I like them, and that way, they both sound pretty darn similar. Flat out my favorite electric guitars ever. If I could only own one guitar, a PRS semi hollow with trem Artist 3 would be that guitar.

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