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Thread: Add this lick to your rock/blues playing and take off!

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    Add this lick to your rock/blues playing and take off!

    The last thing anyone needs is yet another internet lesson, especilally from me, but I think this line (one of the first jazz lines I ever learned) is one of the greatest tools to break out of the basic blues box licks, and start sounding more melodic and advanced. Its a totally cliche jazz lick played by all the greats, but you will rarely, if ever hear it played the same way twice. Thats the great thing about melodic lines. Anyway, this works over E-7 or any E minor chord, A7, G maj 7, or C#-7b5. Dont let that confuse you though, play it over any straight up E- to make it simple. In the video I said G7, thats a mistake I cant edit out! I meant to say A7. If you take the time to learn it and digest it, I guarantee you will turn some heads when you use it in a rock or blues setting, and it will really open you up to other things.

    SOUND FILE Or Go here and download E-line1

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