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Thread: Does it annoy or worries you, if you find some small dents/ scratch on your guitar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMintzer View Post
    Well that's certainly awkward...

    HA! The difference there is I have seen you PLAY your PS, Jamie! Sorry, I'm not trying to offend the collectors or anything, I appreciate the "art" guitars too but I'd still play every one of them. To me it doesn't make sense to treat the guitar as solely an investment piece that cannot be played for fear that the thing won't be worth as much to someone else down the road. Then again, I'm 30 so if I'm dropping $8K+ on a guitar like my PS, it's definitely not so I can put it in a display never to be played!

    All of that being said, it's not like I can or wish to tell folks how to spend their cash so if you have the money to be able to buy guitars that are never to be played, hey, more power to ya!
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