Picked up the new Ori CD yesterday and gave it a spin today.

There are a lot of people from the old BaM days here, and those of you may recall the disappointment that greeted her first CD. It was definitely far more in the pop vein, and not what a lot of people expected. I seem to recall a few "sell out" comments, but also a few comments to the effect of "hold on - she may not have had enough control to do what she wanted here". Basically "don't bury the career yet - let's see what's yet to come".

Well, the next one's here.

It ain't the first one.

It's a lot more like what people seemed to expect the first time around - definitely much more guitar driven. It's not a shredder album (a la Satriani or Vai), but it's definitely not in Katy Perry territory, either. There's definitely a harder edge to this one, with a few songs veering towards power pop/power ballad territory, but very strong blues and more classic rock vibes. At times you could almost feel what she's soaked up from playing in Alice's band. But from the very first seconds of this one, you can tell she's a fair distance from the first CD.

I need a couple more listens to pick favorite tracks, but if the first one made you hesitant to consider this one, put those worries aside. This isn't part two.

On first listen, this is a MUCH better album for her.