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Thread: "I don't always do FLAME" .. "but when I do .. it's MASSIVE"

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    That guitar is frikkin amazing!!!
    Modified SE Bernie Marsden, Fender Strat
    Laney Lionheart L5T-112, Fender Mustang 1, POD HD 500X
    Wishing for a U.S. made Blue Bernie!
    Click here for SE Bernie Marsden demo!
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    I just saw this guitar in person, and let me tell you that it is truly amazing. Brent takes great photos, but you have to see it to really appreciate how beautiful this guitar really is! The
    Ziricote fingerboard alone is incredible.
    If you were in the market for a Private Stock guitar and you could only have one, this guitar should be the one. It embodies everything that PS is about.
    Brent, you are a creative genius!

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