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Thread: Your favorite guitar body shapes - What are they?

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    I'm a very tall guy, so mine has always been the Jazzmaster because it's oversized. PRS guitars look like toys on me. However, it's not about looks, it's about tone and playability.

    Kauer guitars makes a Jazzmaster shaped set neck guitar with a carved top called the Daylighter. It's totally a Jazzmaster meets PRS or Les Paul type guitar. That would be pretty sweet. It's on my short list for when I can gamble $3k on a custom order instrument I may or may not bond with.
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    MOSRITE MARK ONE and the prs McCARTY
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    I've always really liked the meatiness of a Les Paul.
    I got PRS double cut for something lighter and so I wouldn't have to get a strat - and have grown to have a fondness for the symmetry of a Santana.

    On an acoustic I really like a Florentine cutaway - and a more slender waist than a dread.

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    I always thought that the original PRS custom shape nailed the right combo of curves and "pleasing asymmetrical-ness"

    I also like the original symmetrical-ness of the original Ibanez Artists from the 70s/80s. The Santana shape is close.

    Single cuts in general to me look like someone forgot to finish cutting out the other side (but a donation of a Stripped 58 would not be turned down under any circumstances)...
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