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Thread: reality TV - is it for you

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    Reality TV per se doesn't do much for me. Maybe I'm cynical, but I think it's all phony for the most part. I watched the Gene Simmons series when it was on, but it was only because I'm a huge KISS fan and I enjoyed the glimpses of Gene's office/KISS Shrine/Museum. I thought the kids on there were a breath of fresh air in that they seemed to have manners, brains, and positive futures as opposed to most reality show kids.

    I'm a TV addict, but I prefer documentaries, history, true crime, biographies, that kind of thing. And music stuff of course. The only Reality series I watch now is the Duck guys from Louisiana, and that's because it's funny to me. I can turn them on, have a Coke, and take it easy for awhile.

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    I watch some of it, even though I do know some of it is staged. But Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, and Project Runway are usually on our watch list.

    My wife makes me watch Project Runway. Dont ask me why... but I dig it. I am not gay, either... I swear!

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