As I've been kicking around getting a hollowbody II, it occurred to me that more care would be needed than with solid body PRS. I've always thought of PRS being durable in terms of climate, if you take reasonable precaution, you shouldn't have many problems. Hollowbody, no matter the brand, seems like it would be a different story.

Do you treat it as an acoustic?
Problem is I don't gig my acoustic and never put much thought into temperatures and humidity and all that. It always just stay in the house, in it's case until I play it. It doesn't see cold to hot, hot to cold, etc.

My electrics usually travel in a trailer. Everything is always packed well so there's no movement or risk of large items falling, etc. I would think I'd err on the side of caution with a HB and maybe have it travel in the vehicle or in a quality ATA case.

Does humidity affect them more than solid bodies?

We have pretty big swings in climate here...subzero temps in winter, hot and humid summer.