Just scored a Yamaha THR10. Check the link for details on feature set and to see other models available.

Pictures and then my thoughts.

Unboxing -

Benchmade is the PRS of knives!

First look.

All of the cables lined up nice.

Wrapped up nice and tight.

Manual and software.

So close to shred!

Buttons and knobbies. Not too many.

Lights to simulate tube glow warm my heart. PS Grissom rules!

Why I got it -

I primarily picked this up for noodling / practicing. I had been using my mobile devices with apps for this purpose, but they have not been all that convenient or desirable to me so I thought to replace them for these purposes with the Yamaha. Don't get me wrong. Some of the mobile stuff is insanely nice. In fact I still use a few of them for recording. I'm just not into them for a quick noodle or practice session.

First thoughts -

Really enjoying it. Sounds are inspiring and dynamic. Super easy to use. Plenty of desirable features for my needs. Small footprint. The effects are handled by two rotary knobs, standard fair for small amps now days, but I found them usable throughout. Clean to high gain the sounds are satisfying. It even has an acoustic model so I played the piezo on #4080 for the first time.

Note -

The provided software, THR Edit, discussed more below gains you access to a compressor / gate and additional effects parameters. These settings can be stored in the software on your computer but not to the actual amp's 5 presets. Not a deal breaker but certainly worth a mention.

Really dig the following features -

Tuner -
What doesn't have a tuner now days? Still nice to have.

Tap Tempo -
I can deal with not having it, but much prefer it being there.

User Memory -
You can store 5 presets. I think the tones are impressive enough I will use a few of them.

USB Input and THR Edit Software -
It comes with PC and Mac software. Good job Yamaha. The software expands preset number and adds compressor / gate. You can record direct into your DAW via USB. Killer.

Aux Input -
Makes the iPad boom. Love keeping my iPhone free while using my iPad in Aux Input to practice along with study material or try and keep up with Grissom's - Way Down Deep.

Dreaming of the future -

Ability to run on batteries removed -
Let the user fend for a power source. Battery compartment takes up some decent space and could be used for something else.

Inline power brick inside of unit -
Would love to see the brick made to fit where the AA battery compartment use to be. Once piece power cable is win.

Place for aux unit -
I could see a small cradle for a phone being handy.

Extra power -
If I could charge a phone or tablet from the amp I would love Yamaha eternally.

Overall -

Extremely happy with it. Amp, boom box, Mac compatible software with additional effects and parameters to control make dialing in sounds for recording a breeze, super portable, artificial tube glow, sounds are inspiring and dynamic to the touch. I think it's a good buy and worth checking out. I just wonder if I can take it on the plain in my carryon.

Linkage -

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