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Thread: DREAMS - Do You Remember Them? - What's Your Most Crazy Dream?

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    Quote Originally Posted by docbennett View Post
    So, can't resist telling true tales of your past, and concealing them as a dream? Be day someone is going to realize that these stories are true, and that you truly are 785 years old!

    What's interesting is that the scenes in the induction center and the marching to the trenches in France were absolutely as realistic as you could imagine, right down to the flashes of the guns, the smells of clouds of cordite drifting our way, the light from the campfire, the accents of the men and the sergeants...literally everything seemed real enough to touch.

    Maybe it WAS real....
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    It's not that I've had a particularly crazy dream, but I've just had a string of random dreams over the last 2 weeks- ranging from losing a friend over something stupid, to a girl I never met before wanting to be my girlfriend/taking my first kiss, to events from my past playing out differently. :shrugs shoulders:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiodeblanc View Post
    I never thought about zombies or really had any interest in "horror-ish" stuff, then one day out of nowhere I started having zombie dreams... creepy.

    When did your wife start having these dreams? I'm curious because I am rarely in-sync with popular cultural phenomena and started having them a year or two before the revitalized zombie craze.
    Since well before we met over 16 years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfb View Post
    Since well before we met over 16 years ago.
    Ah, so I can't blame chem-trails then.

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