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Thread: Can anyone tell me if this was a good deal?

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    Can anyone tell me if this was a good deal?

    Just bought this "Used PRS GEN CST22 BLUE/WHITE STRP". I don't even know what GEN means, all I know is I love the way it plays and sounds. I switched out the tone knobs b/c they looked like they belonged on my bathtub, not my guitar. I got each salesman to play it and tell me what they thought of it before I bought it. Here she is, any help or reassurance will be extremely valuable to me!

    It is definitely rare, b/c I can't find it anywhere on the internet.

    I payed 1,700 with tax for it.

    (Front 1)

    (Front 2)

    (Back of guitar)

    (Body/Binding shot)

    (standing front view)
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