Gentlemen, thank so-much for your continued patience with me on this - I'm really grateful.

Regarding the mahogany vs. alder issue, I'll say this much, I've owned a lot of different guitars including many mahogany units (Les Paul's, Anderson drop tops, etc.) and I've done a lot of wood-working as well, and although it is certainly possible to painstakingly "seal" the extensive pores that are present in native Honduran or Philippine mahogany, it requires a fair bit of extra labor (additional sanding and sealing and re-sanding, etc.), especially if you want to achieve the brittle, ultra-smooth, high-gloss finish that was present on my earlier Custom-24. In addition, from my experience, its notably lighter-weight than alder is. That said, are you guys saying that you're confident that the folks at PRS went to that added effort, and that despite its heavier weight, my Custom-24 had to have been mahogany?