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Thread: NGD x2 Pomegranite and first PS incoming for the second time!

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    NGD x2 Pomegranite and first PS incoming for the second time!

    Got the email! They will be in my grubby hands again next week. Cant WAIT to see and play them again! Tina said they were just reviewed yesterday, so I am VERY hopeful the Pomegranite color will be right on with that sample they have!! And talk about a surprise, I have no clue as to what my first PSs color will be other than I asked for some kind of Blue/green. I told them whatever they thought to make the top "pop" the most. That was pretty much in paul Miles's hands. I LOVE the top on that one. I am really, really excited!!! I was playing some jazz last night, and was getting HUGE archtop like tones out of the 10th anniversary. I think the Pomegranite (which has the same type of semi hollow body but a Brazzy neck) will be at LEAST the equal to it, if not surpass it. One thing the Brazzy neck gives you is a bigger lower midrange, which great carvetops have, and that one was doing it when I had it the first time. VERY GOOD VERY GOOD! Cant wait!

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    Great news Tag, can't wait to feast my eyes on those 2 beauties
    And hear a demo or two maybe later??

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    I bet you are really excited. Great news!
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    Wow, birthday and Christmas all together! Looking forward to the pics and reviews.

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    Now, where's that dang "like"-button all you youngsters keep going on about...?

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    deep in the raspberry...
    I am stoked to see that PS top stained in a flame-popping color!
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