OK, everyone, you get a call from PRS Artist Relations; they're pleased to tell you that you've been chosen as their newest Artist Signature Model Endorser, and would like you to spec out a guitar that will be the (insert your name here) Signature Model. You'll be asked to perform at Experience, do some artist appearances, do a show at NAMM, pose with the guitar for some publicity shots and do a few video demos.

After you pick yourself up off the floor, you ask them, "Anything I want? What are the limitations?"

Here are the rules PRS gives you:

1. Must Be A Regular Production Model; It can be USA or SE, or both. Not A PS or Limited Run.

2. Must Street For About the Same or Less Than Paul's Guitar.

3. Artist Package Option Will Be Available for USA models. Spalted veneer available for SEs.

4. They will tweak an existing production pickup to your preference, but designing a new pickup isn't in the budget.

The rest is entirely up to you. Spec it out!

I'll post mine in a bit. Have fun!