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Thread: PRS Says, "We Want A (Your Name Goes Here) Signature Model" - Spec It!

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    CE-24 with birds and a 10-top. And a piezo in a trem. Maple board and old studio H-S-S options available.

    Basically it's the Alex Lifeson model that never was.

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    Some pretty cool builds going on in here. Like it.
    Plank Owner

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Beef View Post
    I love threads like this.

    Base model: McCarty Trem.*

    Pickups/Electronics: Open zebra coil DGT bridge pickup (squabbin). Neck pickup would either be a zebra colored NF or 408 neck. Make them 3 wire and give the guitar a 5 way blade switch instead of the 3 way, like a current CU22/24 or Hiland. If the blade is set to bridge humbucker only, you can also split the bridge pickup with a push/push tone pot, but not in the other positions. Wire in the 2.2k resistor on the coil split ala DGT2012.

    Colors: Opaque black, goldtop/darkback, and PLAIN maple McCartyburst. No flame/quilt maple allowed.

    Inlays: Moon inlays only (eh, maybe I'd consider dots).

    Street price: $1999.
    My MP3 player quit on me so I needed something to meditate on while running on the treadmill yesterday. As usual my thoughts turn to guitars. I can easily daydream my way through a three mile run when guitars are the topic.

    This might be more of the Private Stock I will never be able to afford.

    Base Model: McCarty Trem.
    Mahogany body.
    Jet black ebony carved top with the 6 of spades inlaid in plain maple (this design) behind the bridge.
    Maple body binding.
    Clear V12 finish (satin on neck) so as to have a "black top" with a natural back. (See Tdarian's blacktop R7)
    Mahogany neck with rosewood board and moon inlays.
    Custom neck carve, copied from my USACG neck which is like a wide-fat with more shoulder - U shaped instead of C shaped.
    DGT squabbin bridge pickup, double black coils with a double black 408 neck pickup. 408 standard control layout and electronics, with the 2.2K resistor on the bridge split toggle.
    Phase 3 tuners. Dunlop straplocks.
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    Hey John, I like the off-center thing happening with the band.
    I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken...


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    I'd base mine on the SE CUSTOM 24 but use various S2 hardware

    Top Wood Beveled Maple Top and Flame Maple Veneer (Grey Black Burst)
    Back Wood Mahogany (Translucent Black to see wood grain)

    Number of Frets 24
    Scale Length 25"
    Neck Wood Mahogany
    Fretboard Wood Rosewood
    Neck Shape Wide Fat
    Fretboard Inlays Birds

    Bridge PRS S2 Stoptail
    Tuners PRS S2 Locking Tuners
    Truss Rod Cover "PRS"
    Hardware Type Nickel
    Treble Pickup PRS S2 #7 Treble (covered w/ black pickup rings)
    Bass Pickup PRS S2 #7 Bass - (covered w/ black pickup rings)
    Pickup Switching Volume and Push/Pull Tone Control with 3-Way Blade Pickup Switch

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    Shape: Pre-factory DC
    Top Wood: AAAAA FMT
    Back Wood: Walnut
    Finish: Vintage Yellow w/ natural back

    Number of Frets: 22
    Fret size/material: Jumbo, stainless steel
    Scale Length 25.5"
    Neck Wood: Quartersawn Maple
    Fretboard Wood: Rosewood
    Neck Shape: Wide Fat
    Fretboard Inlays: 513 Birds
    Headboard Veneer: None

    Bridge: PRS Trem
    Tuners: PRS Phase 3 Locking Tuners
    Truss Rod Cover: Nothing
    Hardware Type: Nickel
    Pickups: 513
    Pickup Switching : 513 with mini knobs to control individual tone/vol for each pickup
    PRS SE Tremonti '03

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    Based on the original 00 Singlecut

    MOP birds
    PhaseIII Tuners that will fit LARGE strings from the factory, no drilling required.
    Adj. Stoptail Optional

    No trem, Widefat neck only.

    Not like the other kids...

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    I may first cheat a little by saying it can be taken from the current DGT, but mine would be closer to the McCarty. So.

    - Take the DGT and put the stop tail to it, so back to a McCarty.
    - Locking tuners.
    - Moon inlays. Or wait, maybe earth inlays. Or the solar system planets. Hmmm...
    - Mahogany / maple, thicker like the McCarty, but not too fancy, PRS can save the 10 tops for other guitars.
    - Two volume and one master tone with a three way switch, as I kind of like the blending pickups option.
    - 25" scale and 22 frets.
    - I'm not too familiar with PRS' neck options, but something akin to an early 60s.
    - Possibly make it semi hollow, or more "semi-solid," just to add a bit more bloom.

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    Mine would be
    Santana body shape and headstock
    25" scale 22 frets
    IRW neck with Wide fat carve ( Possible Ebony fretboard )
    Mahogany body
    408 pickups ( possible 305 or 408 extra center pickup )
    Mann Made unplated trem
    Mixed hardware phase 3 tuners
    One piece spalted maple top
    PRS Family - SCT, 408, 305, CU22, MEII, CU24
    Others LesPaul , Stratocaster , Guild
    Amps - Mesa MK2B , Egnater Tweaker 15
    Effects - Tonal Insanity Guitar Effects ( I make them ) TC Electronics Nova

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    Quote Originally Posted by andy474x View Post
    Hmm... I love this game. Let's see...

    Mira body shape but with SC245 body thickness
    24.5" scale
    W/F carve with short neck heel
    Mahogany body and neck
    Quilt top and headstock veneer
    Ebony board
    Jumbo frets
    Adjustable stoptail
    2 vol, 1 tone, blade switch (maybe like the P22 layout)
    covered 59/09's, or an SE version with covered SE 245's black gold wrap. The End.
    This would be mine too, provided it's the ORIGINAL Mira body shape, except without the quilt top/headstock veneer. I'd like the body and headstock to be matching Antique White, with a black pickguard (original shape, not the gross toenail that is the S2 pickguard).

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    "Hollowbody JD24"
    True hollowbody: minimal braced top, floating bridge/heel piece. 24 fret, 25.5" scale.
    Body: Dweezil Zappa Sig shape but with separate back and sides design like the HBII. Flame maple top, rosewood or padauk or walnut back and sides.
    Neck: 12" radius ebony fretboard, DGT frets, with flamed maple binding. BRW neck (or natural flame maple), wide fat carve.
    Electronics/Hardware: Nickel hardware, 57/08 neck, 53/10 bridge, one volume, one tone, dual mini toggles for coil split. Volume knob positioned by bridge like on a CU24.
    I will gladly accept a prototype!

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    Mine is basically one of these:

    PRS SC250 - Modren
    Tremonti Pickups
    PRS Piezeo System
    Wide Thin Pattern
    Maple board/Neck
    PRS Adjustable Bridge
    Carved "Gut Cut"
    Flamed Faded Blue Jean

    PRS SC250 - Traditional
    Tremonti Pickups
    PRS Piezeo System
    Wide Thin Pattern
    Rosewood Neck/Board
    PRS Tremolo
    Carved "Gut Cut"
    Flamed Black Burst
    2008 PRS SE Mike Mushok Model Silverburst (On the bench awaiting USA Electronics and some hardware mods)
    2012 PRS Mark Tremonti Model Solana Burst 10 Top (Stock apart from Schaller Strap Locks)
    2013 PRS SE Tremonti Custom Whale Blue (Di Marzio Crunch Lab/PRS McCarty Bass)
    Follow me on Twitter: @ESPImperium

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    Mine would be close to MA Pete's...

    DC 24.5 scale Ted McCarty TREMOLO.

    Pickup options: 57/08's, 408's, or P90's.

    Neck options: maple, mahogany, korina, or rosewood.

    Body options: mahogany, korina, or obeche.

    Hybrid hardware. Old style or ME birds - unless I can specify mammoth ivory with gold or silver surrounds.

    Bound neck and headstock.

    Fire red burst, charcoal burst, or McCarty burst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonGuitar View Post
    This is very easy for me, as I have been wanting this for years:

    "Catfish Korina DGT 245 standard"

    DC body with Dickie Betts thickness
    One piece Korina Body
    One piece Korina Neck at 24.5 scale
    Natural finish ONLY
    SELECT (for tone) BRW fingerboard
    OldSkool diagonal MOP/Abalone moon inlays
    DGT electronics
    Grissom Bridge pickup
    59/09 Neck pickup
    AGED Gold(rarity with me) Trem bridge and pickup covers
    Hybrid Phase III tuners
    Brass finished Dunlop Dual-Design Straplocks
    Amber Lampshade knobs
    Black Pickup rings
    and the "piece de'la resistance": The Catfish signature AMBER toggle switch tip...
    Yeah, Kevin!!! I have been cooking up something very similar for a future build. Two of my favorites ...if these guitars mated you would get sumthin' really close to your spec:
    DGT 245 with DB Thickness + 2007 NOS McKorina with BRW.

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    Thats an easy one

    Singlecut Hollowbody II with 408's
    Location: Beautiful Cape Town, South Africa
    PRS Singlecut Hollowbody II Trampas Green / PRS SE 30 1x12
    Mike Mustok Baritone Brown Burst to come later.

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    Dublin, OH
    SE Custom 24 7-string base
    amethyst finish with natural binding
    bat inlays
    gold hardware and knobs
    VB/HFS 7-string PUs (with gold covers if possible)
    5-way super-switch (neck HB, neck SC, both HB parallel, inner coils parallel, bridge HB)
    tuned AEADGBE


    gray/black finish with natural binding
    nickel hardware
    #7 pickups with nickel covers
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    I'd pretty much go for the Zach Myers spec's,
    just with a rosewood neck (pattern regular), with ebony f.b and 53/10 pups

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    The HANGAR18 Signature Model PRS guitar.

    McCarty model with two \m/ pickups, trans-cherry quilted Maple top with natural Maple edge, Mahogany body, your choice of either flame maple neck (1-piece or 5 piece) or Rosewood neck, Rosewood fretboard with Heavy Metal Bird inlay, those new tuning heads with the visible gears, two-tone gold/chrome hardware, and one push/pull pot for single coil wired for a hot P90 sound.

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    This would be called matts metal McCarty. Oh yea and they already made one.

    24 fret McCarty with Honduran rosewood neck and \m/ pickups
    My name is Matt and I'm a guitarholic

    1994 McCarty; 2010 Charcoal Burst Modern Eagle Quatro; 2012 Fire Red Burst Signature Limited;2012 Charcoal Buster Siggy ( PTC Modified ); 2012 Vintage Burst Stripper; 2012 Charcoal 408 Standard w/ Crackwood; 2012 NOS ME1 Tiger Eye

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    Shape: 513
    Top Wood: Flame Maple
    Body Wood: Mahogany
    Finish: V12

    Scale Length: 25 1/4"
    Fret Wire: Dunlop 6100
    Neck Carve: DGT
    Neck Wood: Mahogany
    Fretboard: Rosewood
    Inlay: 513 Birds
    Headstock Veneer: Rosewood
    Headstock Inlay: Modern Eagle
    TRC: Rosewood with "WTFF" inlay
    Neck Finish: Satin Nitro

    Bridge: PRS Trem
    Tuners: PRS Phase III Locking
    Hardware: Nickel
    Pick Ups: 408 Neck and Bridge with black pick up rings
    Electronics: Signature

    Flame Maple Neck with Rosewood Fretboard
    Quilt Maple Top
    Paua Inlays
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