So I may have asked the wrong question in a forum full of PRS dealers lol. I asked was this guitar a good deal. Got the same answer all around, only I can tell if it's a could deal. I appreciate the help and will now ask some more questions to anyone who doesn't mind answering.

1. I am looking for how to find out if this custom 22 I purchased is a maple top or mahogany body. Can anyone help?
2. Is there anyway to fix chip on the guitar where the top meets the binding (<--- undamaged).
3. I have a prs mahogany body and have a Seymour Duncan in there, and am curious how to find out what pickups are in this one. This is to see whether or not I'd like to change it.

I purchased this CST 22, love it and am excited! I call her Old Blue. I paid 1,700 with tax for it at the GC grand opening in my town.
I want to make it my own though, b/c it was someone elses. ANYTHING you can tell me about this guitar is appreciated, even if I have to do some work too.

(Front 1)

(Front 2)

(Back of guitar)

(Body/Binding shot)

(standing front view)