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    As a luddite they're pretty much the perfect PRS for my tastes. Begged a guy in NY (for six months) to sell me this one from the Wood Library 25, and I've also had a VAB 10 from the later V12 run. Love the satin finish on the neck, the nitro sunburst (colour floated over clear) and that great '59 style neck shape.

    Here's the keeper. Best, and biggest sounding PRS I've had the pleasure of strumming.

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    Who's got one? How many are out there now? Did GC do another run after the 1st 25 in 2010? If so, how many?
    25 total in the Wood Library/numbered nitro run. First 12 Lemonburst, second half Tobacco.

    According to Private Reserve there were 80 in the later V12 run.

    25 Lemon
    25 Tobacco
    10 Vintage Yellow
    10 Fire Red
    10 Violin Amber Burst
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