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    Notes ...

    ... some notes from tonites gig. I've been streamlining my rig, playing a SAStudio for the whole nite, going thru a Zoom G5 into a PRS amp.
    I also wear PRS T-Shirts and I have this really cool PRS Jean Jacket that I've never seen before.

    ... last three songs of the nite ...

    Mony, Mony --- last of regular set.

    Satisfaction --- Ist Encore.
    Sweet Home Alabama --- Second Encore.

    anyway, the 200 or so people sardined into the dance floor seemed to enjoy it.

    ... so, all you Skynard haters can "Kiss My Ass".
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    I really think it depends on what part of the country that your in when it comes to playing Sweet Home Alabama. Around here, a band would get a bad reputation for not playing it. Sweet Home Alabama is expected from every band at every gig unless the band is playing strictly hard rock/metal, and even then they might do it just because the crowd loves it.

    I don't think you'll find any real Skynard "hater" fans around here. Its just that some people on this forum find Sweet Home Alabama very cliche.

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