BrianC and Alan/yankeebulldog and I decided to get together today, Alan has 3 new guitars, and a new head and cab since we last got together, Brian got his 2 Channel JVM back with a new mod, and they hadn't seen my Aquamarine Sig 245 PS yet.

Great fun!! My head is a little numb. The Margarita I am drinking as I type this is helping, though.

Lots of cool gear:

The proud owners with their toys:

Alan's Wood Library SC Ted he got back from the PTC with a refin is AWESOME!! The tone is fantastic, right up there with my favorite SC of the Wood Library Ted's, the beloved Solana Burst one, now being enjoyed by Eschak here. The finish came out great, looks even better in real life than in his pics. Alan had a satin finish done on the SC Ted, it felt great.

His Brent Mason was very cool, lots of versatile tones from that thing, another great Swiss Army Knife of different tones like the Swamp Ash Studio. LOL, as I type this thread, I realize we never plugged in his AP Studio, darn it, I wanted to compare that to my Swamp Ash Studio and the Brent Mason. Too much to try out and play with today.

The guys dug my new Aquamarine DC 245 Sig, the finish has a great 3D thing going on with a bright blue, a dark blue and a green that cannot be truly captured in pictures. The tone of it was great through the Tonefest, we probably played Alan's SC and the PS DC Sig the most as we were comparing Heads and Cabs.

Brian's new mod on his JVM was fantastic! Makes it really flexible now, it sounded great. I am happy for him that he has really dialed that one in and thus is not getting bad GAS for another amp.

We A/B'ed Brian's 1960 cab against my 1960V cab (has Vintage 30's), they were a little bit different but both great. We played around a lot with my JS JVM, which was great, it really solidified for me today that I love the amp and that it is a great fit for what I like. It was great to have some help there, I would just jam away on some rhythm guitar, and Alan or Brian would dial in the tone and switch between the different channels, that was cool and very helpful. The Orange OD1 and Red OD1 are terrific, classic gainy Marshall, and the Orange and Red Crunch are also great, more vintage Marshall. I also played with both 4x12's hooked up to the JVM for the first time at higher volumes, wow, talk about moving some air! Gotta love the full Marshall stack.

Alan's 5150 III and Avatar 2x12 with Scumback Blackblacks was a cool combination for higher gain stuff. That cab also sounded great paired with Brian's JVM Head.

We also cycled through the Marshall 1 watt heads and dialed in some cool tones. They are all pretty cool, different tones and different sweet spots, but all cool, and fun for what they represent, 5 decades of Marshall Amps.

Notice 100% of these guitars from today are PRSi, all 9 of them! And for the record, while my home studio is a little Marshally these days, my main gig rig is still a 2-Channel H with a PRS 4x10 Cab, awesome gigging rig.

Good time today, Brian and Alan!!