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Thread: PRS Amps Dominate at the Allman Brothers Beacon Shows!

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    PRS Amps Dominate at the Allman Brothers Beacon Shows!

    Just got back from a weekend of ABB shows at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. Just awesome. Check out the array of PRS heads and cabs used by Derek and Warren at this year's shows. Outstanding.

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    nice, thanks for sharing!

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    Fullstacks? Pssh - we prefer 14 half stacks! haha
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    More heads than cabs on that stage!
    So is that the solution to the "problem" - any multi channel amp is a compromise. Okay, I'll take two FULL amps and run them into one cab and just switch heads as needed!

    Any PRS guitars make the show?
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    Great pics!
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    Great shots! Can't believe I didn't do any of the beacon shows this oh well...I'm gearing up for Crossroads though!!!!

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    I wanna catch that show somewhere....

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