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Thread: The Art of the Vinyl

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    The Art of the Vinyl

    When I'm not just sitting and drooling or yelling at the kids to get off of my lawn, I actually like to go back and look thorough and even listen to some of the old vinyl laying around that I have held on to.

    What I truly miss with the advent of CDs and then digital downloads is having the actual record and the amazing art and creativity that goes with some of the covers.

    This thread is all about the covers - even if the music inside sucked, here we can appreciate the cover art.

    Edit: Please post the artist name and album name for those of us who are seeing new things here

    I'll start with some real classics (none of these sucked... ):

    The Beatles :: Sgt Pepper

    The Beatles :: The Beatles

    The Beatles :: Abby Road

    Pink Floyd :: The Dark Side Of The Moon
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