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Thread: Mike Hermans - Love This Guy

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    Mike Hermans - Love This Guy

    I was born metal. Just look at my avatar. It's been a rough stretch to get motivated to play other styles. I jump in at a level I can't handle not wanting to learn slowly again, which is what needs to happen.

    As a metal guy it's hard to take your guitar to the neighbors house and entertain. Where's the double bass? Monster vocals? You get the idea. Wanting this ability I have been getting into loopers and more atmospheric sounds. I am pretty happy with the results but would like it to take it a step further.

    Prymaxe Vintage and Mike Hermans have been putting out some really nice tutorials on pop tune arrangements. It's been exactly what I need. It's the right material and difficulty level. I hope they keep them coming because they've been very helpful and motivating. Here are the two that started it all for me.

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    That's a nice version, and I don't even care for Bruce at all. I know what you mean about being born metal, it was hard to break the old habits of "rock" guitar at first.

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    Really nice! Thanks so much for this. Some great ideas in there.
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