Another PS NGD this month!

You guys may have seen this before, I posted an "almost NGD" when I got the pics from Brent last month. But it had to go back to the factory for a finish repair.

Just got it today, worth the wait!

Wood kit, selected with care with Brent:

NGD today, love the finished product! (Thanks, Brent!)

It was very overcast today, and I didn't use a flash, so the color is a little brighter and more purple than the pics reflect, see Brent's glamour shot for the opposite extreme, lit up with flash:

First impressions:

-Love having an SC again!! Haven't had one since the beloved Solana Burst WL SC Ted left the herd.
-Has an Obeche body and is 6.16 pounds. Subconsciously when your eyes see an SC shape when you are picking it up, you expect 8.5-9 pounds. Nope, 6! Makes me chuckle when I pick it up, even more so than a light DC. My bad back is thanking me already! (For the record, now that I have a light SC and light DC, my next two in the oven have Mahogany bodies again. It will be fun to compare them to these re tone.)
-The quilt is HUGE! At first I wasn't sure if I liked it, but it is growing on me. Very unique look, kind of matches the personality/vibe of this guitar, with the darker color and the Black uncovered squabbin pickups, gives it kind of a mean look.
- I like the control layout, 408 switching but with the three-way toggle on the upper bout, very clean looking.
-Has McCarty body thickness, slightly thinner even than an SCT. I like that, it feels great!
-The Maple Binding is a must for me, but on this one I did it on the Headstock too, looks cool.
-The Birds are Old Paua Birds with MOP Outlines, and they ROCK! Best birds yet for me, these Paua pieces are really colorful, they look amazing in the light as the guitar moves. My Aquamarine is Blue Paua Centers with MOP Outlines, but those are J-Birds, I find the Old Birds with this material combination to be classier.
-I am not a fan of clear lampshades. I borrowed a set of Amber ones from another guitar, looks much better! More pics tomorrow with that change.
-Pickups are uncovered squabbin 5909's. Initial tone report - sounds great! But that was just through the JVM tonight. Need some time to let it rip through the JS JVM with the full stack, A/B'ed against the other PS Ted's.

Fun few weeks, with two PS NGD's, and a Tonefest yesterday! Things will settle down a little bit here, no more NGD's until the two PS's put in the oven in Feb come in, a DC Brazzy Ted and another SC similar to this one but with a Mahogany Body and a Piezo...