So my B-Day is coming up and the usual discussion starts - "What do you want for your Birthday? If you don't give me a list you're going to get that Michael Flatly "Lord of the Dance" DVD you've always wanted!" My 7yo daughter chimes in " Mommy says you love him, should we buy you a guitar and get his picture painted on it!?"

"Okay Okay NOT THAT! Can I just have some cash for my guitar fund?"

(Insert sound of Angels singing or Jimmi playing HERE)
I then heard something that me and my fellow married guys don't hear very often


"So I can go guitar shopping?"


DANG - I'm always looking but it's like any hunting - the bucks always walk buy when you aren’t packing or Momma hadn't handed you a TAG!

I admit - I love playing but I love hunting the "next guitar" too! :thumbs up:

So I'd pretty much locked in on finding a DGT LIKE this:

- FBJ Wide Flames with some variation maybe 10 top

But I did spend most of last night playing my R9 and got to thinking maybe a SC245 or double cut Ted? I do like that scale length!


What do you guys think I should get!?

Some other PRS with 245 scale length!? Sort of on a FBJ kick but the Royal Blue is cool too, of course there's FROST BITE and Dark cherry burst!