Hey guys, Im new here and wanted to get some input to help me find a good pup to swap on my new Custom 24 SE. Its the 2012 version so it came with "SE Vintage Bass and SE HFS" I was thinking of simply swapping them with the real Vintage Bass and HFS but has anyone heard them side by side with the SE verison? Is there really much of a difference? Im the singer in my band ( www.FightingGemini.com ) so I play mostly rhythm and on the neck pup. I only play lead in a few spots and I rarely go to the bridge pup so I will probably only swap the neck pup out. Ok. The sound I am looking for in the Neck position is a super warm but bright clean, and a tight (Not muddy) thick, bassy distortion. So what pickup would you suggest??? If it helps, I am playing on a Marshall JCM2000 TSL100. I appreciate the helps guys.

If hearing some of my music will help, visit www.FightingGemini.com