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Thread: I beg for a PRS SE 3 single-coil model

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    I beg for a PRS SE 3 single-coil model

    This is my problem. I've playing strat 9 years from now. I got my Fender Stratocaster MIJ 94' 3 years ago, and still, i need a lot of stuff to keep it in tune. An year ago, i got a PRS SE Custom 24, and i LOVE it, seriously, it sounds great, it plays lovely and it always stays in tune for hours! And i did not change a single thing on it (in the strat i had to change the bridge, among other things). I checked for the PRS 305, and is awesome, but i can't afford it, i have no chance. I also tried a PRS SE EG from an acquaintance, and i loved it, problem was, it wasnt for sale and PRS is not making them anymore. My only question is: does anyone know if PRS is gonna make them again? Or at least, some strat-like guitar model? So, what do u think? does anyone here also want a 3 single-coil PRS SE model? =D
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