Hi all, I have a rather lovely new SE custom 24 that I am really pleased with.....other than keeping it in tune,

Is tuning instability something I will have to live with on my SE-or are they normally pretty good. I have put the back ground below if it helps.

thanks in advance

I ordered the guitar in store from a very reputable PRS dealer in Exeter UK after trying a the shop brown burst model, I asked them to put D'Addario 10's on my guitar when it came in as they are my go to string and asked them to carry out a full set up on the guitar for the 10's (to my knowledge they came with 9's on as stock).

When I picked it up I had a few tuning issues and they took it into the tech shop and adjusted the nut and after trying it again it was better but not perfect but I knew that the guitar would need a little time to settle down.

I spent more time playing it over the past few days and still had issues but from the pinging it sounded like the nut was binding the strings- so I took it back, they had it for an afternoon and cut the nut again.

I tried it again and it seemed better and it was, but only slightly, I called them yesterday and the tech said that the nuts in the SE models are not very good and I really should upgrade to the ones PRS put on the US models for 45.00.

My question is (sorry to ramble), is this something I will have to live with on my SE- is the tech right should I upgrade the nut or am I being mislead by the shop / tech??

Please help as I am getting really frustrated by this if I can't get it sorted the Guitar will be going back and I will get something else