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Hoping that will be the case with mine, too, after the nut slots are widened. But I honestly can't believe they don't do something about this if so many people are having issues. Everything you read on here about them is "Great guitar, you just have to swap out the nut or file out the existing one."
Your guitar will be fine... promise.

The entire reason the SE line exists is to reach a certain price point.

Attention to detail can cost a lot of money in labor and unlike your ESP and Schecter the SE line is filled with proprietary parts that can cost more money to have made than sourcing them out from different manufactures like EMG, Tonepros, etc. Something has to give if you want 75% of that PRS vibe for 33% of the cost of a "real" PRS, I spent a few minutes with a glass of wine and a nail file to "fix" my stock nut and it works great.