My band is playing a blues benefit this weekend. In the interest of quick change-outs, back line is provided and pedal boards are forbidden. Now, I know it's a blues benefit (Blues don't need no pedals!), but we'll be playing our brand of modern southern rock. We rehearsed pedal board-less yesterday and I was jonesing like an addict for my AC Booster!

An interesting side effect, though, was that it forced us to be more dynamic. We also had to focus on cleaning up our playing in some parts where we used to just slosh through. It dawned on me that it's a good idea to practice that way as a band from time to time in order to focus on getting things tight.

It's a rare occasion, but I think my Tele might actually not get the call. Going to try the SE Soapbar II at rehearsal tonight. Normally it's too punchy for most of my parts, but it drives the amp better with no pedals. I love it for playing straight-in at jams.

Anyway, just thought I'd ramble and share. Any thoughts? Insight?