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Thread: The Amp, the Guitar and the Studio (book 2)

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    The Amp, the Guitar and the Studio (book 2)

    If you think this thread is boring, you should read these:

    This is a collaborative story. You are invited to enjoy the story or even add to it. Feel free to add characters and plot twists. Please be careful not to completely derail or end another member's developing story line. Let people have most of the control over characters that they introduce. As a general rule - don't kill off characters you have not introduced, unless of course it is a minor bad guy someone put in your way. The main bad guy(s) will require a team effort to kill. If you have a doubt or suggestion, PM the author handling the character in question at the moment. Make sure you have read the whole story before jumping in. Refer back to posts as an author may have edited his storyline a bit in an important way. Have fun. I'll update the cast of characters as we go along in post #2


    Hands Mantic shuffled through the Kohl's store with a selection of wallets. Mike Threeseven was coming for a visit and experience told the revered sword maker that that could only mean trouble in the retention of his billfold. As he checked out with his Kohl's charge he got 10% off for using the charge.

    The wallets were already marked 40% off and he had a coupon he had gotten in the mail for another 30% off. On top of that, the cashier handed him a stack of instant coupons and asked him to select one and rub off the covering to reveal another discount. Hands pick the fourth one and, rubbing it with his fingernail, revealed another 20% off. The charges were applied sequentially, not all at once, but the total was still quite small.

    In the end, for five wallets originally priced at between $25 and $32 each, Hands paid only $42.83 instead of well over $140. "I don't know how you guys stay in business…" Hands remarked to the cute little cashier.

    "Volume." she replied with a wink.
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