Hey Gang!

Studio66 here (Chris)...BaM refugee and lurker here since this forums inception.
I have been PRS'less since BaM's demise so outside of a daily visit to poke around I have been mainly a lurker.
I also had a healthy case of forum burnout so lurking was an easy way to have my cake and eat it too.

All this is about to change as I have an incoming NGD which brings me back to the PRS ranks and I have watched this forum become the type of forum I will enjoy contributing to....I tip my hat to the community as a whole and in particular the founding fathers who have diligently and carefully created a structure and vibe here that is both fun and informative.

I turn 50 this coming week and decided I needed a new DGT and in honor of the number 50 what better than a Gold Top....with moons of course
Brent at TGS did what Brent does so well and the stars aligned and I wait anxiously for this to arrive.I have TGS as one of my "Likes" on Facebook so I was also pleasantly surprised to see this pic on their Facebook page and my news feed....classy touch!!

Wasn't 100% sure where to post this so I decided here since the DGT was the hinge pin.