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- MA Pete's Chronicles might be the most interesting story you've ever read.
Thanks for the Honorable Mention, Les! It sure has been interesting for me.

Let me add a new one for me:

"Can spot a fellow PRS fan in a crowd of hundreds, mid song, at a gig!"

I played a fun gig last Saturday at the Red Sox / Pirates game at the Red Sox training camp in Fort Myers, FL, and as I looked out in the audience mid-song, a guy stopped in his tracks and his jaw hit the ground at the sight of my Aquamarine DC 245 Sig. He gave me the Ronnie James Dio hand signal and pointed to my guitar. I knew that he knew that it was a killer PRS. Never got a chance to speak with him after the gig, but it was a memorable "PRS Moment"!

(I am pretty sure I threw in a clam for good measure, shortly thereafter due to my distraction...)