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Thread: Signs you're all about PRS

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    You know you're all about PRS...

    - When your wife shows you some fabric swatches for a couch and you wonder instead how it would look on your guitar case or amp

    - When you hear the Mets might trade Santana, and your first question is whether the Santana is BRW or IRW

    - When your child brings home a report card with a C on it, and you wonder if that's better than an H

    - When you take your laptop for service, and the service person says, "Did you spill liquid into this?" and you answer, "Not exactly, it's drool."

    - When reciting the alphabet you forget the 'Q'

    - When Bonni is the name of a folk heroine

    - When '10' is reserved for guitars. not love interests
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    Quote Originally Posted by vchizzle View Post
    And here, I thought you might compliment my beautiful beard
    I can't - you didn't include her picture!

    (See, "beard" is a term for...ah, nevermind!)

    "I watched approximately 45 seconds of 'Rock Of Ages'. It was like getting punched in the soul." - Abby Krizner

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    You search PRS so much, whenever you type "Fender" or "Gibson" in Google or eBay, it comes up with "did you mean Paul Reed Smith?"

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    If you look at the clock and the time is 5:13, 2:45, 3:05, or 4:08 you think of PRS guitars.

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