Hi all,

Here's a cover/quasi-collaboration I did where I got to try using my Axe-FX directly for both the guitar and bass tones.
Original words and music was by one of my friends from college named Savion (https://www.facebook.com/SavionJWright)
I merely tried to put my spin on it through re-arranging the instruments and- to a lesser capacity- the vocals during the recording process.
In this case, I tried to go for a more groove heavy feel on a tune that had some grooves from the get-go, also had to resort to slapping the bass a bit more just because.

Hope you enjoy, this was fun to make even with tracking vocals while being sick. lol


stuff used/misc. notes for this recording:
PRS CE-24, HFS & Vintage Bass
Ibanez SRX bass
Fractal Audio Axe-FX. I should note that tones are pretty much what I had dialed in, with little post processing
D'Addario EXL strings
Ernie Ball bass strings
Tuning: BF#BEG#C#