Looks like not.
Are we allowed to post Wanted to Buy threads here? Cause...I'm kinda looking for a great deal on an SE.

My main gigger is a 2011 Studio. My ex #1 and my current back-up/drop D guitar is my trusted old '94 CE24. I also bring a black '03 McSoapy Standard for awesome pukey evil sounding open G slide work on the stage.
So...for me right now it's ALL PRS onstage.

I always used to be a Fender guy. Played Strats all my life and even after I started the PRS love affair I always kept one or two handy.
Well...I was doing a little gigging and vacaying in the Cayman Islands this year and I brought a strat down there (another thing I used my strats for was travel to humid and sandy and salty places..I didnt have to worry too much about damage or loss by the airlines or just general abuse from the tropics) and when it was time to come home I gave the gear I brought down with me to a guitar loving kid with a broke single Mom. I gave the strat and it's case, 2 cables, a tuner with a spare battery..and I gave a couple of mics (a beta58 and an AKG3700..YAY...give this man a medal!!).
Oh...funny antidote...I got home on Thursday and had a Friday and Saturday casino gig the next day(s). Go to start song one of set two and ..NOTHING!! Ohoh.
WOW!! My guitar cable failed. I quickly head to the area behind my amp, reach into my Gretsch purse (It's a SATCHEL!!!!!) to grab a spare cable and...oh crap..I gave them away lol..oopsies.

OK so...I get back from the Caymans gigs and I'm short one "beater" guitar (hey..it wasnt a beater or a beat-up strat...I just call all Fenders beaters cause I play PRSs lol). I thought...ok well I've been wanting another Tele for a long time...maybe I'll look for a cheap one of those..oh but wait...my parts drawer doesnt have any tele pups in it. The Strat I gave away was a partscaster. Kinda bought it mainly TO use-up some of the awesome Strat parts (pups, electronics etc) in my partsdrawer.
OK maybe not a tele...I have piles of awesome Humbuckers...but as much as I love the looks of a Les Paul....I really do ..so much so in fact that just about annually I buy yet another and try to bond with it but I just can't get used to the soft, rubber-band-ish, short-scale, easy, mushy feel of a Gibson. I've tried and tried but no. Even if I try heavier strings I just can't bond with a Les Paul no matter how much I try.

That's when I had the "WAITASECOND MISTER" moment.
I've never owned, in fact I've only ever tried one PRS SE. I got to try an HB one on the Caymans and it felt great...AHA!! THAT'S what I'll start looking for when I get home...a nice cheap used SE!!
I really really like the recent ones with the birds though I'm not a guy who goes for bling..none of my PRSs are tens and two of them are actually opaque. I don't want or need another P90 guitar. I'd love to have a blue one with some figuring on the top (my Wife loves blue quilt PRSs and even got a tattoo of one...heck she even bought me the Studio in SaphireSmokeBurst to match her tatt).
IF this is allowed here..(if not SORRY...oopsies..mods please delete this post without banning me...just a stern scolding should do the trick)...anyone got a nice cheap SE for sale? A blue one?
Thanks fellas.