Hi guys,

I brought up your concerns to our purchasing department and I learned a couple of things.

The "thinner" case was not planned. Our supplier sent us a sample and we signed off on it not noticing it was thinner. Once we noticed, we changed back to the original thickness, so the thinner cases were only around for a few months time. While the thin cases work fine, we prefer the slightly thicker case.

The "lid hinge" change came along because our supplier could no longer get the original hinge from their supplier, so they switched to the next closest thing available.

The "three buckle latches" came to be because the spring loaded latches break and twist easily, they often get stuck and are hard to open and these problems caused a high reject rate for us. Personally, I lobbied FOR the buckle latches, because they latch securely and well, I simply dislike the spring-loaded lathces.

The "loose fit" has been addressed and the more recent cases should see a more snug and secure fit around the guitar.

The handle was changed a while back. While we haven't had any issues with the handle failing, if a padded handle is important to you guys, we can certainly look into going back to a padded handle.