Playing live, you gotta be able to switch guitars fast, right? Extended silence loses an audience. Drastic differences in output and brightness between guitars that require huge amp reconfigurations are not tolerated in my setup. I try to keep my guitars relatively the same in terms of output and brightness so I don't have to fiddle with knobs. There's still a nice variety of tones between them. They each have their own character. I plug in and play and everything is great.

So, my big 3 guitars at this point are in my signature. In a room by myself, switching back and forth between clean and dirty, there is no difference in volume between the two channels. The gain structures are about the same, one guitar isn't fuzzed out while another is clean on the distortion channel. They really seem to work well together. Output and brightness are all ballpark the same, and I don't have to fiddle with the amp.

The biggest differences between guitars always seem to shine through at band practice. If I play my black CU22 (my baseline guitar) through the setup, everything is great. If I plug in my Santana SE, the guitar drops out of the mix a bit. It's the quiet guitar. When I plug in the Mira, the bass player and drummer tell me to turn down the master volume. It just cuts through the mix in such a way that it seems so much LOUDER than the others. It's really strange.

Tell me about your experiences in this regard.