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Thread: HELP ~ SE One Volume Pot Swap???

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    HELP ~ SE One Volume Pot Swap???

    Well, I bought an SE One from a dude and the volume pot is jacked... The post is pushed into the pot housing and it just spins freely as if it were trying to go to infinity. Yep, it's toast, a goner if you will... I think the front of the box may have taken a hit, or fall perhaps, while in transit that resulted in the damage. It was not shipped in a hard case....

    So my question is this, what "pot" would you use as a replacement and why? Audio or Linear, 250k, 500k etc???

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    I'd choose USA PRS, custom taper to PRSh specs

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    Jon, if it's a little bright right now (and assuming you have a 500k pot) then use a 250k pot.
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    I've seen this happen. The whole pot is held together by four very tiny sheet metal tabs, and any jolt to it will cause the back to separate from the rest of the housing and all the guts to spill out. No biggie, it's a $5 part that takes all of 10 minutes to swap out. SE Ones can be bright so I would go with a 250K audio taper. If bright is what you're after, consider 500K audio taper.
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