Fingers crossed that the worst is over now but we have had a lack of power since friday after severe weather and with my son being only 4 days old at the time we have been stressed beyond belief. I have so much respect for those who suffer extreme weather in the USA and are left with nothing. We have had family helping us and taking some of the weight off our shoulders. The local council has been useless providing information and we have been relying on hearsay (most of it incorrect as usual) to make plans.

Most importantly our wee soldier has been happy and warm the whole time, not exactly the ideal start to parenthood but we know what we are capable of now and I just have to wait til he asks me for his first guitar I'll get him a nice SE custom so we can jam together

I needed a rant to unwind a bit, I am so happy to be sitting in our own house, my baby beside me with the heat and lights back on, a cup of tea and staring at guitars. Perfect day for me