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Thread: Gayageum music by Luna

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    Very cool! I think Hendrix would have approved, he was always open to new ideas.
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    I thought that was fantastic!

    She got the name wrong on the first vid but who cares... The lady has talent! I'm with you Les, I think hendrix would have loved that!
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    Cool! I tried to bring one of those home from Japan a few years ago but the logistics of creating a shipping box and getting it back was a little too nutty.
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    That's cool. I saw these videos posted on the Airbus forum

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    I want to mail her a wah and a fuzz pedal. I watched these a few times. She's rocking.
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    The beginning parts of "Voodoo Child" would make for some killer hip hop samples!

    That's some really cool stuff. I love the mixing of cultures.
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