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Thread: Two amps in my YouTube subs yesterday

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    Yea this definately makes me feel even better about this amp and now I just can't wait to get here
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    Should I ever venture back into the world of electric guitar, then of these 2 I'd refer the 25th. The tone is more plexi like, didn't like the ultra high gain on the treble though it started to get too fizzy.

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    I like the demo's from PRSh's studio...great backdrop. But he needs a lav mic.

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    PRS CAD Amps with Paul Reed Smith

    This one is an older vid from almost a year back.
    I really like that Blistertone one at the end.
    Heck, all the amps sound great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyT View Post
    This one came in today in my subs.
    Paul's Studio - Paul's Amp

    Cheers Corey!

    Seen the others but not this one.
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    The Mira that Paul is playing in the Blistertone video is used to voice all of the amps.

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    That Paul's Amp sounds great.
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