I'm a bit sad to find that it's not offered anymore. Personally I did a lot of listening via YouTube between the "H" and the "C" and I thought the "C" was suited more to my tastes. I like that upper-mid growl that EL34 power sections produce. When I received it, I opened it up and found a small Belton 3-spring reverb unit. It's not the lushest verb but being a small unit, it will never "sproing" if the head is knocked about (yes, I tried this test). I also found inside, Winged C EL34s for which I was pleasantly surprised - good tubes. The "C" is for the Cinemag output transformer which adds a bit of cost to the head. I usually use a Bogner Alchemist 2-12 (Celestion Greenback G12M and G12H) open back cab with this head. But I've also open her up with a Marshall 1960A loaded with Greenbacks - very tight and woody bass. Just about any shade of clean can be had on the clean channel but the lead channel is where this amp shines. The key to a great Marshallesque dirt tone with this amp is to carefully set the bass control. Too much and it gets flabby - seems like the sweet spot is between 9 and 12 o'clock. I also place a Boss ME-70 multi-FX in the effects loop for modulation and delay and also use the boost on the ME-70 and/or an Exotic Effects RC Booster. The RC, especially, lets me set a bit of crunch with the lead channel gain and boost with more hair for solos without changing the basic EQ. Anyway, I love this head and would like to see a Custom version of it. How about it Doug Sewell?