I really like "old" music too, but I find it necessary to keep up with what is happening "now" and spend a decent amount of time thinking about where modern music is "going".

Three years ago I got a job as a DJ for a singer in the Dubstep genre and didn't know too much about it, but it was a job, so I had to take it. Along the way I really grew to appreciate the music and it has become another set of skills that I have added to my quiver, I now find the same thing happening with "Trap" music.

I am either lucky or unfortunate enough to still be trying to make a living within music, and it totally forces me to have to keep an open mind about new forms of music... otherwise I would just sit around and listen to Kool & The Gang, EW&F, etc, etc.

How do you stay relevant? Do you actively search out new music, or do you just keep listening to the music you grew up with?

Do you ever go out to clubs and try to understand what the kids are listening to?

Do you raid you nephew's iPod when he comes over?

Are you completely fine just listening to the Eagles over and over because new music sucks?

If you are in a cover band do you ever add new songs to your set list, or just play the "classics"?