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Thread: How do you stay relevant? or do you not even try?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herr Squid View Post

    For some reason, roaring electric guitars go straight to the pleasure centers in my brain, and I'm a geek so I'm highly biased towards heavy, tightly arranged, riff-oriented music.

    I'm just tuned in too much to the sound of the electric guitar... Particularly lead guitar.

    There's stuff I kike that has no guitar whatsoever but it's made up for in other ways.
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    If playing live is relevant (and who knows - maybe it no longer is), but if playing live is relevant, then the audience will tell me if what I'm doing is relevant. Do I try to be relevant? Well I write for me, and if it works for the audience, then at least for that audience, I was relevant and I'm good with that. I don't write to please the audience, but it's nice when it happens. But I won't persist in inflicting the same thing on an unresponsive audience. So that's the measure of relevance, for me.

    As for the older music...
    I did not grow up listening to music. I have no desire to revisit some era to resurrect the soundtrack of someone else's life.
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    I open up iTunes and listen to the new stuff on Tuesday's. I remember jumping through hoops to find certain music just a few short years ago. Rarely do I want something that's not on iTunes now so I don't feel like I am missing out at all.
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    If a classical musician plays something from the 1700's, say a nice Mozart piece, would he irrelevant?
    If music is good and you like it, I say play it!
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