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Thread: Who in the PTC likes orange Ibanez RGs like myself?

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    Who in the PTC likes orange Ibanez RGs like myself?

    Having seen this picture from the "Artists' guitars" thread I keep wondering who is it in the PTC who sprayed the old Ibanez RG (looks like a 560) orange??
    If the owner reads this forum, I'd like to see more of it, especially if it is finished.
    Here is Shawn's picture (look at the top left):

    Here's my RG550. was black but is now Lamborghini Orange metalic.

    It now has its original maple neck back on but the previous picture shows the color much better.
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    I have a rg1570 prestige. Not orange and im not in the ptc. But hey.

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    I have an Ibanez RG560 that I got back in the 80s - great guitar.
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