Hello, I posted this over at MLP forums too so excuse the douple post if you hang out over there too. With that said:

I'm trying to get into how to set up my own guitar and had a question about getting rid of fret buzz and setting up guitars in general:

I first did a truss rod adjustment and it looks perfect from what I understand, an ever-so-slight U-shaped bend in the neck. Nothing severe at all. But I'm still getting more buzz than I'd like. Adjusting the truss rod more doesn't seem to fix it and results in too high of an action in the centre of the neck than I am comfortable with.

So my question: is this when one switches to adjusting the bridge height? To be specific, when one has achieved what seems to be ideal relief and buzz still exists?

Second off: could someone more experienced tell me what type of bridge I have? PRS SE Custom 24:

I'm wondering so I can look up additional information on how to adjust the screws and what not. At the moment having 6 parameters to play around with scares the daylights out of me. Any suggestions on how to take care of things like bridge height and intonation with this type of guitar?

Lastly, other than truss-rod adjustment, bridge height, and intonation is there anything else generally included in the set-up procedure?

Lastly++, I might get flamed for asking a question asked plenty of times on the internet: How much fret buzz is normal? I'm playing on the low E string over on the low frets and getting some jangle. Is that bad? Nothing is going through to the amp, and moreover no open string buzzes.

Thanks for the read,